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Saw ending explained

Saw ending explained


With Jigsaw inching closer to screens, Rob looks back at the confusing plot of the original Saw movie.

Jigsaw: explaining the ending of the new Saw film

The Alien Ending You Never Saw - Explained

At some point in amongst all of this, the audience gets a big clue about Logan: we see him getting out of bed and revealing his bare back, which is covered ...

In the end, Eleanor flees from the farmhouse, having seen enough to believe that Logan isn't Jigsaw but Halloran probably is. At this point, Logan captures ...

SAW SERIES Timeline Explained Pt.1 (Jigsaw's Origin - Saw 2)

Whether or not the key was supposed to be in the bathtub, Adam was still given a naff game from Jigsaw: he was told to 'do something' or die in a mucky ...

Saw 1 - ending

It's the freaking Ring Cycle, but with more rusty industrial machinery.

JIGSAW (2017) Ending + Twists Explained

(SPOILERS) “Jigsaw” Ending Explained

Saw 3 - Game over, ENDING (Amanda, Jeff, Dr Lynn and John)

Ending of Saw 2

Saw Movie Review

Jigsaw (2017) Ending Twist Scene Explained - (SAW 8) John Kramer and Logan Scene *SPOILERS*

(John was particularly fond of this mantra in Saw VI, where he posthumously targeted a health insurance baddie who let him die to save company money.)

The Saw series was placed in the Guinness World Records as the "Most Successful Horror Franchise". Pictured here is director Kevin Greutert receiving the ...

#Trailer #Jigsaw

Central actors of the series. From top-left to bottom-right: Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Cary Elwes, Costas Mandylor, Danny Glover, and Betsy Russell.

The New Saw Movie Will Be Titled 'Jigsaw' - IGN News

Saw official poster.jpg

The Predator Ending You Never Saw - Explained

Jigsaw (Saw 8) trailer

Saw Billy Doll

Every Saw Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

No film series has rewritten its own history more than 'Saw,' and accepting

SAW: Legacy (2017) Movie Ending Explained/Theory

Jigsaw (2017): Full Story, Twist, and Ending Explained

Saw 3D

Every 'Upgrade' Question You Could Possibly Have, Explained by Its Writer-Director

Ahead of Jigsaw's release, we chatted to John Kramer actor Tobin Bell about his journey with the franchise.

Gordon loses his game. The clock strikes six, and Adam is still alive. Michael Emerson's Zep, who has been monitoring the bathroom situation remotely (as ...

SAW Movie Series Timeline Explained Video (Jigsaw's Origin - Saw 3D: The Final Chapter)

One of the biggest questions facing the Saw revival was how the filmmakers would deal with the death of the franchise's primary antagonist, John Kramer, ...

Saw Poster

Saw3 cape10.jpg

Adam wakes up in a bathtub. He's totally unaware at this stage that he's in a game at all. The last thing he remembers is a pig-mask-wearing attacker coming ...

Donnie Wahlberg is entreated to repeat the challenge from the first Saw movie: Will you saw off your own foot to escape? The first time around, ...

Development and writing[edit]

Warning – spoilers for the ending of Us are ahead, along with a full explanation of just what it all meant…

SAW ...


The rest of the contestants progressed through to the next room, assuming Logan to be dead. However, after the doors slammed shut, John rushed into the ...

Before Saw

Saw (2004)

'Avengers: Infinity War' Ending Explained: Where Does the MCU Go From Here?

The makers of the Saw movies are endlessly creative in how to kill someone. And while crushing and stabbing and ripping seem to be their favorite modes of ...

Saw IV

'Velvet Buzzsaw' Spoilers, Ending Explained: Ranking the 5 Gruesome Deaths | Inverse

As a continuation of the Halloween tradition, and to celebrate the film's 10th anniversary (coinciding with a special theatrical re-release) we here at ...

To continue the franchise even further following John Kramer's death, Jigsaw uses two classic storytelling devices from the Saw playbook: the new film ...


SAW 5 Photo: Steve Wilkie


Speaking of dick moves, before declaring 'game over' and leaving Adam to die, Jigsaw reveals a salient piece of information: “the key to that chain is in ...

... Saw Franchise Connections Jigsaw Reviews 2017

A capable young man, or your older secretary? Whom to choose? The traps in Saw VI all seem a bit unfair, as most of them were designed to have at least one ...

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From left: Rodriguez takes direction from McQueen, with Debicki and Davis

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Netflix's Bird Box explained - from the book changes to the ending

Netflix's You Ending Explained: What That Finale Twist Means for Season 2

'Rampage': We went berserk when we saw The Rock's altered ending (spoilers!)

Final Destination Reboot Coming from Saw Writers - IGN News

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Samuel L. Jackson in Glass.


Hoffman and Jigsaw in Saw

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All of These Characters Are Seriously Dead

Bird Box Ending Explained: Breaking Down the Climax of The Netflix Horror Movie

Tanedra Howard won the reality show 'Scream Queens'


Let's Talk About That 'Fantastic Beasts 2' WTF Twist Ending

Saw quotes, Jigsaw


Insidious The Last Key

Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis Discuss the Surprise Ending of Tully

This post is long overdue because I first saw Jordan Peele's new film Get Out over a month ago. Yes, I said “first” because I did something I usually don't: ...

Spoiler Ending (Spoiler Warning!)

Tin Star season 2 ending explained: What happened at the end of Tin Star?

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Cannes Review: 'The Wailing' Is An Epic Korean Horror Movie Too Crazy For Its Own Good

Revisiting the Ending of Denis Villeneuve's Enemy, Spiders and All

'Velvet Buzzsaw': Ranking the 5 Best Deaths in Netflix's New Horror Movie. Spoiler alert!

'Jigsaw' Ending and 'Saw' Connections Explained

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#2 Lord Of The Rings

... in fact, shoved right down their unsuspecting throats – making the ending feel as carefully controlled as one of Jigsaw's elaborate traps.

John Kramer (Jigsaw - SAW)

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